Webinar: High Performance Computing in the Cloud? (2016/02/01)

Univa is hosting following webinar this week. You can still register.

"High Performance Computing in the Cloud is viable in numerous use cases. Common to all successful use cases for cloud-based HPC is the ability embrace latency. Not surprisingly then, early successes were achieved with embarrassingly parallel HPC applications involving minimal amounts of data - in other words, there was little or no latency to be hidden. Over the fullness of time, however, the HPC-cloud community has become increasingly adept in its ability to 'hide' latency and, in the process, support increasingly more sophisticated HPC use cases in public and private clouds. Real-world use cases will illustrate aspects of these sophistications for hiding latency in accounting for large volumes of data, the need to pass messages between simultaneously executing components of distributed-memory parallel applications, as well as (processing) workflows/pipelines. Finally, the impact of containerizing HPC for the cloud will be considered through the relatively recent creation of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation." Univa