Why NUMA Matters and Univa Grid Engine Supports CPU and Memory Affinity (2013-02-28)

Benjamin Cumming from the Swiss National Supercomputing Center explains in this video core binding and memory affinity on NUMA machines in general.

Intel Launches own Hadoop Distribution (2013-02-27)

Intel deploys now its own Hadoop. More information you can find here, or here. Intel hosts its source code at github. For official Intel information go to the Intel Hadoop page.

Intel also approaches security questions with Project Rhino: "As Hadoop extends into new markets and sees new use cases with security and compliance challenges, the benefits of processing sensitive and legally protected data with all Hadoop projects and HBase must be coupled with protection for private information that limits performance impact. Project Rhino is our open source effort to enhance the existing data protection capabilities of the Hadoop ecosystem to address these challenges, and contribute the code back to Apache."

An Introduction into the Open Compute Language (OpenCL)

This video recorded at the Hot Chips conference gives an introduction into the Open CL language for heterogeneous programming. It's a standard supported by different vendors which abstracts from specific compute resources.

An Introduction into Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors

This interesting video from Intel is a very good introduction into the new Intel Xeon Phi(tm) / MIC co-processor architecture, which is supported by Univa Grid Engine in different ways.